Sunday, June 7, 2009

A New Joy

This afternoon I washed my district van. I did it after hours of course. Normally, it costs about $12 to have it washed. I decided to pray for a missionary as I washed it. Then, I donated the $12 to the missionary I prayed for. No brag, just reporting my joy.

Monday, June 1, 2009


4. I decided to save time and hastle by not joining a health club but by rather running and walking. Also, by doing simple core exercises while at home or even at office.

5. wow, trying to learn simplicity but blogging isnt quite simple yet. Tonite, Teresa and I walked 3.6 miles. no phone just talk. Got home, ate some fruit,relaxed and read. Sometimes simplicity is so sweet. 6-4-09

6. Not everyone can enjoy this time of simplicity right now. Especially younger couples who must learn to reaaly enjoy the simplicity of their children.


I have been intrigued with the personal disciplines of a Christ follower (Christian- if that means following the teachings of Jesus). One of the many disciplines that especially intrigues me is Simplicity. Richard Foster's book, Simplicity, is a very interesting read to me.

Recently, my son, Lee, encouraged me to consider simplicity as a way of living. So, I am going to try it.

1. I will limit my expenditures of not-needed things. I know that for some people that some things seem needed by some while others would see them as not-needed. I also am aware that some things are tremendous time-savers and that time is extremely valuable.

2. My journey began by not buying a blower to cleanup after lawnmowing. I saved $99 and just used a broom. Good exercise and more money to give to missions.

3. I plan to read more with books from the library. Simply simple but I like it.

I hope to hear how others are simplifying and centering in on what's important.